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beBlack eyewear – always bet on Black.

Eyeglass frames are a matter of fashion.

Therefore, their manufacturers are naturally racing in the color combinations, decorations and fashion trends.

However, statistics show that a surprisingly large number of customers prefer the complete opposite - black eyewear. A classic that goes with any outfit, is not subject to trendiness and suits everyone.

That's the reason behind our new beBlack collection.

- A collection of glasses where black is the colour above all.

- Sometimes complemented by a subtle colour tone or line.-

- Other times it's completely black, like the night.

The shape is decisive.The shapes of the glasses in the beBlack collection are given special attention. They are inspired by the best-selling glasses of the last decade. Those are the shapes which we believe will 'sell themselves'. .

Presentation of the first models of the beBlack collection in 360°

See the news from all sides by rotating it!

beBlack 0001 - 53/18/140

The first model is a safe bet. The classic of all classics, the Wayfarer shape with the iconic wide sides. Unisex. Available in two finishes - matte or high gloss with a transparent inner layer.

beBlack 0002 - 55/17/145

Wide rim with low height. Timeless shape. Black polished acetate that turns milky to light blue at the tips.

beBlack 0003 - 54/15/140

The rim, which again has a lower height, this time in a smaller size and all-black design. A classic that every teenager will reach for.

beBlack 0004 - 53/18/140

The more sharpened shape are complemented with metal 'pins' on front part. The sides are simple, without decoration. Polished acetate - black/transparent.

beBlack 0005 - 55/16/140

This model is pleasantly enlivened by a decorated metal piece pressed into the sides. This creates an interesting effect over the smokey transparent acetate.

beBlack 0006 - 54/17/145

Rounded model with a nose part in the legendary key lock shape. Metal 'pins' on the eyepiece. Sides are plain and undecorated.

beBlack 0007 - 55/17/145

Thin look and very subtle edging unisex frame. In two colour versions, the first in the often unseen annealed version and the second in pure black.

beBlack 0008 - 53-/16/135

A truly feminine rim, deeper in shape and again decorated with decorative wire pressed into the transparent sides.

beBlack 0009 - 53/17/145

Squarer rim with stylish rectangular 'pins' on the eyelet. Finely textured material on the sides - marbled carbon look. Shrunken design.

beBlack 0010 - 52/16/140

Exceptional design piece - created by the technology of precise lamination of acetate plates and milling. Women's fine glasses frame in a smaller size.

beBlack 0011 - 53/14/140

Nothing is just black or white. Neither is our collection. This model is proof of that. It's the only one in black and white :-) The complex technique of laminating (joining) the materials at the corners has given rise to this exceptional women's frame

beBlack 0012 - 53/13/140

Women's elegant acetate trim with metal sides.

From now on, no coloured eyewear can be sure of its place no more.

Whenever you need black fashion eyewear, it's clear where to reach.

Bet on Black. beBlack.